Embrace the robots

Living and working in an automated world

How will digitization and automation change our way to work? How will the social debate shape the attitude to robotics applications – and shape the technical development itself? The third Innovation Journey is dedicated to living and working in the automated world, offering its participants a deep dive into current and future application scenarios.

"The Innovation Journey is the perfect way to quickly make sense of a complex area like robotics. You meet the curated best in the industry, get your questions answered by experts, and network with other innovators. It's a great format."

Kimo Quaintance
Education Strategist and Co-Founder IQ Gemini

"Robotics, Automation & AI will disrupt us like the Internet. To protect tomorrow's Robotic Natives we need Robotic & AI Governance."

Dominik Bösl
Vice President Consumer Driven Robotics KUKA