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Innovation Journey goes Austin, Texas

How the future works: The participants in the Innovation Journey experience an intensive week at the SXSW

What is innovation for Elon Musk? How will quantum computing change our world? Are social media destroying our society? The 15 participants of the second Innovation Journey traveled to Austin for seven days and experienced the masterminds and global thoughtleaders. Every year in March, Austin, Texas, becomes the world capital of digitization: The best in its field discuss new technologies and their impact on society at SXSW, the world’s largest digital conference. It’s about VR, AR, Blockchain and Bitcoin; it’s about the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and how data and its evaluation change our lives – a condensed festival of ideas, knwoledge and inspiration.

See more impressions from SXSW on our live blog (German language only).

"It was my first time on the Innovation Journey, and I was in the thick of it right from the start. The most important thing for me was the inspiring exchange with the other participants."

Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Public Banks

" Super exciting, great talks."

Head of Innovation Management at Munich Airport

"The Innovation Journey is a great platform to bring diversity into your own thinking."

Founder of IQGemini and expert on digital innovation