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Through the lively exchange and succinct speeches the participants’ knowledge curve rises steeply. The Innovation Journey unites knowledge input and interaction to create a dynamic journey.



Sites and speakers are exclusively tailored to the questions of the participants through a curated programme. Knowledge is bundled and consolidated in the shortest time through a look in the creative laboratories.



SZ Scala and Messe München bundle their competences in an innovative knowledge and experience format. Messe München brings a global network as well as organisational and industry competence. The moderators from SZ Scala classify the information, provide context, and ask the right questions.



The Innovation Journey brings people together. Creatives and technicians, experts and newcomers develop impulses for future-oriented solutions, devising ideas to help companies successfully make the transition to modern corporates.



Get-togethers at selected locations provide time and space for good discussions.

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Next Innovation Journey

...stay tuned!

We are currently planning the next Innovation Journey which will take you to the innovation hotspots and businesses of the future. Good ideas need time, just like successful organisation. We look forward to keeping you up to date on the issues to be addressed at the next Innovation Journey.

To the makers of tomorrow

Innovation Journey takes you to the makers of tomorrow. Surprising perspectives, unusual formats, inspiring ideas: Innovation Journey leads on a journey to the business models and solutions of the future. Whether these are to be found at trade fairs, conferences or at the world’s digital hotspots—an exclusive exclusive circle of participants travel to selected innovation powerhouses and come into direct contact with startups, hi-techs, researchers and lateral thinkers.

The classic innovation journey usually takes management to Silicon Valley. That includes Messe München, whose prize-winning Blog often reports what’s happening there.

But the Bavarian metropolis has no reason to be shy about its record of startups and capacity for innovation. For example, in cooperation with the women’s network Frauen verbinden (Connect Women) and PLAN W, the popular science magazine of newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, an idea was born: Why not offer an Innovation Journey in Munich too? Through the Isar Valley?

Past Journeys

Find information on the previous Innovation Journeys about cooperation between start-ups and corporates, digitalisation and its impact on society as well as living and working in an automated world.

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